Oil Spill exercise at Combwich/Steart

  Posted: 15.05.19 at 11:22 by The Editor

Residents and visitors to the river area around Combwich and Steart Wetlands may see some unusual activity on Wednesday, May 15th, but they need not be alarmed.As a statutory harbour area with commercial shipping, the Port of Bridgwater is required to have a Marine and Coastguard Agency approved oil spill contingency plan. As part of the plan, every three years the port has to conduct an Incident Management Exercise involving external agencies. One such exercise will be conducted on Wednesday 15th May 2019 whereby an exercise scenario will be based upon an oil spill originating at Combwich Wharf. It should be noted that in reality the possibility of a spill originating at Combwich is very remote. the exercise should be completed by mid-afternoon. 15/05/19

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